Lash lifting – all you should know about it.

22 March 2021

Lash lifting – all you should know about it.

Lash lifting, lash lamination or Lash Filler. Have you heard about these techniques but it’s still confusing? Today I will tell you everything you should know about this incredible treatment for eyelashes.

Let’s make it straight first. Lash lamination and lash lifting are different names for the same treatment. Lash Filler as well, it’s the name of a lash lift treatment made by Italian brand InLei I work with in B. Studio.

I have to say I really LOVE lash lifting! For a very natural and long lasting effect, for a quick result – it all takes only around one hour of your time, resulting in an immediate satisfaction.

Equally amazing is the fact that the curl on you lashes will last up to 6 weeks. Lash lifting is a great option when you want or you have to make a break from eyelash extensions.

Why I work on InLei products?

Now I would like to share with you why I use InLei products. First reason – it’s one of the best brand currently on the market and it smells really good! So if you had once lash lifting done using products of another brands you might know what I’m talking about. 😉 These products are not as aggressive as e. g. Elleebana what makes it safer for natural eyelashes. What’s important to point out – I don’t represent the brand. It’s my honest opinion based on my experience while using several products for lash lifting.

Lash Filler
Inlei LASH FILLER lash lamination is a revolutionary, innovative & unique new treatment, clinically tested for its effectiveness in giving natural lashes extra thickness and curl.
This made in ITALY high technology gives natural lashes a soft and pleasant curvature, greater silkiness and nourishes the hair structure. The treatment was created to protect, reinforce, improve and render more beautiful natural eyelashes and eyebrows. The only treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken the hair in 3-6 sessions. Result are increasingly evident if the treatment is repeated. It is therefore advisable to complete 3-6 sessions every 3-5 weeks. LASH FILLER is a revolutionary serum, which not only affects the thickness of the existing hair but also stimulates the root and proliferation of keratin.

Who is lash lifting for?

The filler treatment is perfect for those who:

  • Have eyelashes that grow too straight or downwards. In this case, I create more open and attractive look on the eye. Lashes are thicker and more visible, and you will no longer need to use a mechanical or electric eyelash curler;
  • Have very disordered or crisscrossing eyelash growth – by using Lash Filler, the lashes become more precise and uniformed in direction, making it much easier for you to apply mascara;
  • Have eyelashes that are very dry and brittle and need to be nourished and restored. After treatment the eyelashes are healthier, more visible and well-conditioned;
  • Have very thin eyelashes. The main function of the filler is to thicken and lengthen the hair. It is important to be aware that if the hair is really short and thin (less than 6mm) the visible result after one treatment is only very slight;
  • Have a very long and rigid lashes – lash filler will help the hair become more silky and natural, helping it to obtain a better look with the use of mascara;
  • Are taking a break from the eyelash extensions;
  • Need a lash lift correction often having a similar treatment done with another technician ( example: over curled lashes);


In some cases, it is forbidden or strongly advised that the treatment should not be carried out when you:

  • Are allergic to any component of any of the substances;
  • Have health issues, especially pertaining to the eyes (if affected or just healed);
  • Had semi-permanent makeup (eyeliner, eyebrows) in the previous 6 months;
  • Had recently undergone any surgical procedure;
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding:
  • Are on medication or Antibiotic. Strict diet client as the immune system is lower may have an allergic reaction or changes of the hair structure, and the result won’t be optimum;
  • Have swollen eye;
  • Stye;
  • Blepharitis;
  • Are under chemotherapy (after 6 months at least, the best is to ask your doctor);

Every lash treatment at B. Studio consist 3 steps:

  1. Applying two products to change the shape of the hair
  2. Tinting eyelashes
  3. Applying keratin serum

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I hope I made everything crystal clear and resolve all doubts you might had about lash lifting.
Thank you for reading!