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I am dedicated to raising the bar on perfection, lasting beauty and professionalism in the eyelash extensions industry.

Hi there!

My name is Barbara. I am the owner and operator of  B. Studio. I started this journey in 2016 and have been growing strong ever since. I work and live by the motto:

I don’t believe in changing who you are, but enhancing the beauty that you already behold.

That’s why I listen to your need and tailor all services to YOU! I am passionate about my work and dedicated to your satisfaction. I provide premium personalized service to all of my clients.

Book online and get pampered like you deserve at B. Studio. I look forward to seeing you.

Elma Alusi
Elma Alusi
7 February 2024
Barbara is one of the best lash artists I’ve ever met! She has an eye for detail and knows how to create the perfect natural look!
Fernanda Moreno
Fernanda Moreno
17 November 2023
Barbara has special hands when is taking care of our eyebrows and eyelashes. It is being more than a year I’m actively her client. Highly recommend.
Naomi Wesolowski Ramirez
Naomi Wesolowski Ramirez
10 November 2023
Barbara is the best at what she does! Very professional, she uses the best quality on products, she works with so much precision, the results are beautiful and last very long! She also knows how to do exactly what you ask her to do - it doesn’t matter if you ask her for voluminous lashes or a very natural look! I’m so happy I found her!
Dominika Ignasiak
Dominika Ignasiak
8 November 2023
Amazing service at a beautiful salon! Here I discovered lash lifting, and the results exceeded my expectations 😍The lifting with tint made my eyes look much prettier yet so natural, I'm beyond happy that I found this place! Basia really pays attention to detail and the lashes turn out perfect. The salon is modern, clean and welcoming. Basia makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of, so you can really relax here 😊 I've been twice so far and will continue coming back! 💗
Мария Стефова
Мария Стефова
8 November 2023
Barbara is really professional master. I’ve done my brows only here. The studio is very nice and comfortable. Highly recommend
19 July 2023
Very cozy atmosphere and professional staff! My lash extensions turned out exactly how i wanted them. The pricing is totally reasonable and worth it!
Selene Vessichelli
Selene Vessichelli
18 July 2023
Bravissima Barbara, molto professionale tutto perfetto, é stato fatto come io ho chiesto sono molto contenta tornerò presto 🤩
Johanna Hachtel
Johanna Hachtel
27 June 2023
Barbara ist fantastic! Never had a lash technician that is this precise and quick. I’ve been going here for two years now, even tho I moved away I travel back to her :)
Rahel Hauser
Rahel Hauser
2 March 2023
Ich gehe schon seit einiger Zeit zu Barbara. Sie arbeitet ruhig und exakt. Ich bin mit Ihrer Arbeit sehr zufrieden, war vor einer Woche bei Ihr und mir ist bis heute nur eine einzige Wimper ausgefallen. Sehr zu empfehlen !

I am specialized in eyelash extensions. I do all types of it – from classic mascara look to mega volume, perfect line or a messy effect. At B. Studio I will also take care of your eyebrows – whether is classic tint&shape or permanent makeup – powder technique.


Eyelash extensions

1:1 and 2-3D
– lashes appear like your natural lashes, but better! They’re longer, more defined but still maintain the natural look.

Medium volume 4-6D – full set of lashes created by applying 4 to 6 thin and lightweight lashes onto every single natural lash.
Handmade fans give your lashes the blackness and fluffiness, without the weight nor heaviness.

Mega volume 7-8D when you are looking for a complete coverage.
I attach 7 or more extremely light weight lashes per one natural lash, creating a thick fan of lashes with soft and thin lashes.

Your lashes will naturally shed 2-3 lashes per eye, per day. Regular fills are highly recommended every 3 weeks to keep them nice and full.
Must remain at least 40% of extensions to be considered a refill. Anything after 4 weeks will be considered a new-set.

Lash Lifting


LASH FILLER is a revolutionary, innovative & unique new treatment, clinically tested for its effectiveness in giving natural lashes extra thickness and curl.

LASH LIFTING is perfect for you if:
– you like a natural effect
– your lashes are long and grow too straight
– your lashes are very dry and brittle and need to be nourished and restored
– you have very thin eyelashes. The main function of the filler is to thicken and lengthen the hair
– you want to take a break from eyelash extensions

Permanent make up


Powder brows are a semi-permanent make up technique that mimics the look of soft, powdery eyebrows with a lighter shade at the beginning of the brow and a darker shade towards the tail. This effect is created by depositing tiny dots of pigment onto the skin in a stippling motion, creating a gradient effect that resembles the appearance of powder-filled brows. Unlike microblanding method, the powder brow technique does not create individual hair strokes but rather gives a shaded and more filled-in appearance.

Permanent make up fades over time, as the pigments gradually break down. Typically last from around one to two years before a touch-up is needed.

Overall, powder brow permanent make up is an excellent option for those looking to achieve a more defined and polished brow look with minimal daily maintenance.


Wet Look170
Effect Kim+10


Wet Look120/130
Effect Kim+10

*refill up to 3/4 weeks

Lash lifting + keratin conditioner + tinting110

Shape waxing30
Brow lamination with tint90
Brow lamination without tint80

Waxing upper lip hair removal20
Lash remove20
Eyelash tint30

For eyelash extensions from another studio

Permanent make up OMBRÉ/POWDER BROWS390
Permanent make up correction0

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