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I am dedicated to raising the bar on perfection, lasting beauty and professionalism in the eyelash extensions industry.

Hi there!

My name is Barbara. I am the owner and operator of  B. Studio. I started this journey in 2016 and have been growing strong ever since. I work and live by the motto:

I don’t believe in changing who you are, but enhancing the beauty that you already behold.

That’s why I listen to your need and tailor all services to YOU! I am passionate about my work and dedicated to your satisfaction. I provide premium personalized service to all of my clients.

Book online and get pampered like you deserve at B. Studio. I look forward to seeing you.

I am specialized in eyelash extensions. I do all types of it – from classic mascara look to mega volume, perfect line or a messy effect.


Eyelash extensions

1:1 and 2-3D
– lashes appear like your natural lashes, but better! They’re longer, more defined but still maintain the natural look.

Medium volume 4-6D – full set of lashes created by applying 4 to 6 thin and lightweight lashes onto every single natural lash.
Handmade fans give your lashes the blackness and fluffiness, without the weight nor heaviness.

Mega volume 7-8D when you are looking for a complete coverage.
I attach 7 or more extremely light weight lashes per one natural lash, creating a thick fan of lashes with soft and thin lashes.

Your lashes will naturally shed 2-3 lashes per eye, per day. Regular fills are highly recommended every 3 weeks to keep them nice and full.
Must remain at least 40% of extensions to be considered a refill. Anything after 4 weeks will be considered a new-set.

Lash Lifting


LASH FILLER is a revolutionary, innovative & unique new treatment, clinically tested for its effectiveness in giving natural lashes extra thickness and curl.

LASH LIFTING is perfect for you if:
– you like a natural effect
– your lashes are long and grow too straight
– your lashes are very dry and brittle and need to be nourished and restored
– you have very thin eyelashes. The main function of the filler is to thicken and lengthen the hair
– you want to take a break from eyelash extensions

Permanent make up


Powder brows are a semi-permanent make up technique that mimics the look of soft, powdery eyebrows with a lighter shade at the beginning of the brow and a darker shade towards the tail. This effect is created by depositing tiny dots of pigment onto the skin in a stippling motion, creating a gradient effect that resembles the appearance of powder-filled brows. Unlike microblanding method, the powder brow technique does not create individual hair strokes but rather gives a shaded and more filled-in appearance.

Permanent make up fades over time, as the pigments gradually break down. Typically last from around one to two years before a touch-up is needed.

Overall, powder brow permanent make up is an excellent option for those looking to achieve a more defined and polished brow look with minimal daily maintenance.




*refill up to 2/3/4 weeks

Lash lifting + keratin conditioner + tinting110

Shape waxing20
Brow lamination with tint85
Brow lamination without tint70

Waxing upper lip hair removal20
Lash remove20
Eyelash tint20

For eyelash extensions from another studio

Permanent make up OMBRÉ/POWDER BROWS590
Permanent make up correction0

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